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all new covers for the US [already out] and the UK [coming in September]

Love it.

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Marvel by Jeff Dekal / Store



hey where my baes at


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nicky’s my fav

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Feeling lonely

I’m 24 years old and I’m nowhere near to having a meaningful and lasting relationship. Seems like everyone I ever cared about just leaves me for someone else, like they got bored of me and moved on. I feel like that stupid goddamn Dane Cook movie. And everyone can say that I’m awesome, and beautiful and that I’ll find someone eventually, but they’ve been saying that for almost 10 goddamn years. It’s so easy to say things like that when you have someone. My happiness is always short lived, I date people but it never goes anywhere because they just want to be friends or fuck buddies, or some shit like that. Nobody that I ever cared about or maybe even loved has gone out of their way to stay with me, or followed my footsteps, or fought out my demons with me. It’s always been me. On my own. Can I feel a little codependent for once in my life? I’ll always be that second girl, the test trial, at arms length.


Best cosplay of the year? Yep, calling it early.

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I never really liked Romeo and Juliette

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